If (3x+5y)/x = 2, then 2x + 10y = ?


A sample of fluorine has a density of?

A sample of fluorine gas has a density of  _____g/L at a pressure of 0.559 atm and a temperature of 44.0 °C. Assume ideal behavior.

A phone company plan

A phone company has two long distance calling plans. The first plan is $25 per month for unlimited calling. The second plan is $10 per month plus $0.05 per minute of long distance calling. After... more


Find the number of molecules of 100.0 g of N2


How many moles are in 7.50×10^23 Adams of zinc


Consider the following two successive reactions:H → U U → O

What is the overall percent yield for H → O if the percent yield of the first reaction is 22.7% and the percent yield of the second reaction is 24.1%?(question didn't fit)

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