Why absolute value in elasticities and marginal rate of substitution?

This is a point I find very confusing and very hard to justify to students. Depending on the books, one finds many different conventions regarding the sign of elasticities and marginal rate of... more


What is a subsidy and can you provide an example?

College Dilemma

Hi. For the sake of privacy, my name is June, however, I am 18 years old. I have a list of questions below.1. Is it useless to get a degree in graphic design or painting/drawing? 2. Is it useless... more

Where are bank loans in balance sheet?

I am looking at the balance sheet of Coca-Cola (https://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/coke/financials/balance-sheet), but I cannot guess where loans with banks are. These liabilities accounts... more

Why do economists ignore the most important things about money?

Money is a physical object or is treated as if it were a physical object. Physical objects have social properties. Physical objects (money) can be taken from their owners against the will of the... more


What advantage do sole proprietorships have over corporations?

What advantage do sole proprietorships have over corporations?Owners of sole proprietorships do not pay corporate taxes on company profits.Owners of sole proprietorships do not have to pay any... more

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