Please answer quick please this is a pretty simple geometry question, i cant understand it

Triangle XYZ was dilated by a scale factor of 2 to create triangle ACB and sin ∠X = Part A: Use complete sentences to explain the special relationship between the trigonometric ratios of triangles... more

How do you find the equations of the vertical and horizontal asymptotes for a graph when you only have the graph and no function?

How do you find the asymptotes for a graph when you don't have the function? Also, is the function f(x) = a/x just when the asymptotes both intersect 0?


Geometry (please help)

A flower 16 inches tall casts a shadow 24 inches long. At the same time, a tree casts a shadow 78 inches long. How tall is the tree?


What is the simpler form of -k^3(2k^2- 6k^-1+ 8k^4 -5)


Solve the system of equations by substitution.

Solve the system of equations by substitution.Enter your answer in the point form (x, y).y=3x-102x-3y=-12


Domain and Range

I was just wondering if it is applicable to write the domain of the parabola y=x^2 can be:-∞<x<∞


what is the equation of the line through the point (3,3) that is perpendicular to the line y=-1/2x+2

Please help me get my answer right


Subtract function

Find the difference of functions s and r shown below (s-r)(X)


Perform the indicated operation in a + bi form

Question 1)Perform the indicated operation and write your answer in form a + bi: - 2i(5 - 3i) =(_______+______( i)Question 2)Perform the indicated operation i(3 - 4i) = (______+_______( i)


Solve for indicated variable

9x+ry=tx+6 for xsolve for the indicated variable


Solve for the indicated variable

S = a(T-T0)+S0 for T

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