math 1325 marginal revenue

The demand equation for handcrafted violins by a certain violin maker can be approximated by p=22-x where p is the price in thousands of dollars and x is the quantity of violins demanded. Find and... more


Which point does the skateboarder have the highest amount of stored KE?

Look at the simulation of the skateboarder on the half pipe. At which point(s) (A, B, C) does the skateboarder have the HIGHEST amount of stored KE, or is there NO KE?  


What points is the energy diagram representing?

A ball is thrown in the air. The corresponding energy bar diagram is shown above.What point(s) in the ball’s path could the energy bar diagram be representing?


Two trains, two different stations 300 km apart

At 3:15 train A departs from station X at an eastward speed of 70 kph. At the same time, train B departs from station Y which is 300 km east of station X, headed westward at 50 kph. At what two... more

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