what is the fraction?

if 5 is added to the numerator and to the denominator of a fraction and the result added to the original fraction the sum is 1 3/25. if 5 is subtracted from the numerator and the denominator of the... more

what is the number?

in a two-place number the square of the digit in the ten's place is 2 less than the sum of the digits. if the digits are transposed the number is decreased by 45. what is the number?

find the dimension of the page.

the area of the page of a book is 40 square inches, the area of the printed part is 21 7/8 square inches. the margin at the top and sides is 3/4 inch wide, the margin at the bottom is 1 inch wide.... more


A 12-lb puppy is gaining weight at a rate of 2/3lb per week. How much more time will it take for the puppy's weight to exceed 37 2/3lb?

A 12lb puppy is gaining weight at a rate of 2/3lb per week. How much more time will it take for the puppy;s weight to exceed 37 2/3 lb?

7-8(2)-3 + 13



age problem

 marleen is 3 years older than Ned and 2 years younger than Carla.  10 years ago Carla's age was equal to the sum of the ages of Ned and Marleen. How old is each now?


i really puzzle of getting correct answer of this i try all means now i'm asking about you PLEASE quickly

how many adges a cone and cylinder has? if a cone has one edge that means a cylinder has no edge ? is both the cone and cylinder has 2 adges ? OR a cone has o edges and cylinder has 2 edges... more


I'm studing to pass the ACT Workkeys and my problem is level 6 is ti difficult to learn in a few days or hours?

Currently I need to pass the ACT Workkeys in South Carolina and my question is, How long does it take for Tutors to prep you?


4(x-5)^6(2x+3)^-3 +12(x-5)^7(3)(2x+3)^4

4〈×−5〉^6(2x+3)^-3 +12(x-5)^7(3)(2x+3)^4


What is the history, real world uses for logarithms, and profesions that would benefit from an understanding of logarithms

I'm having to right a research paper on logarithms and would like some help with it.


the sum of two times the quantity three minus 6 and 8

translate evaluate


Can anyone help me write a story using these words

bluff cautious consist despise haven mimiature monarch obstacle struggle treacherous vivid  

How would you solve (a+3)+(2a-8)+(3a-3)+(a-1) using like terms?

This is based off a question in my algebra 1 book. In the chapter it asks about combing like terms. Please help    


how can i make a graph showing how the number of rods in a six foot ladder bridge related to the length of the bridge using 19 1 foot steel rods

CSP sells ladder bridges made for 1-foot steel rods arranged to form a row of squares.  Make A Table And A Graph Showing How the Number Of Rods In a Ladder Bridge Is Related To Length Of The... more

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