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In school I am doing a project and I need to know how to.................

make 12 cookies and put the ingrediants in for 36 people

I have a quastion please.

Find the value of annuity of a =$8000, I = 0.010, n =25



Need help! This is my daughters homework.


it is related to simplification of algebraic terms



using the triangle sum theorem, how would combine the two x's?


I need a scary sentence story starter! I'm stuck on this for hours! Fast, I need Help!

I want to start like when this girl is handing out Candy to the kids on Halloween. When she finished she went up stairs to brush her teeth and then she heard something. I just need a starter so I... more

what is the answer to this ?

scott began printing his history paper at 3:15. at 3:20,he found that it had printed 12 of his 15 pages.


(6x2 - 4x + 11)(5x - 8) please simplify this

i really do not understand this please help me.

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