(3n3 + 2n2) + (4n3 - n2)

the numbers after the letters are the exponents


word problem!

A group of students is going on a field trip. If the group takes 3 vans and 1 car, 22 students can be transported. If the group takes 2 vans and 4 cars, 28 students can be transported. How many... more


What are some tips for coming up with a good thesis for a paper?

I need to come up with a paper, what are some tips for thinking of a thesis?


Find the square of the length of the diagonal of a square whose area is 16 cm2

HELP I really need help on this right away for a quiz I am taking! HELP PLEASE


what does it mean when an anghle is equal to itself?



Does a straight angle have a vertex?

I don't think it does.  The angle is labled K N X.   I also don't think it has any sides.  Am I correct?

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