When do adjective clauses require a comma to introduce them?

Sometimes I see sentences in which a comma precedes the adjective clause, as in: The doctor, who treated my illness, has retired. Other times, I see it with no comma, as in: The doctor who... more

Noun or non-finite subordinate clause?

Consider the following sentence: > The government wants to encourage understanding of science. Now, "to encourage understanding of science" is a non-finite subordinate clause functioning as an... more


How soon do score recipients get my scores?


Can I order additional official score reports?


Clause separation

Semi colons can only link 2 complete ideas. A relative clause is a subordinate clause, so how can a semi-colon link it with an independent clause?


How do I tackle the 'strengthens/weakens viewpoint' questions?

So as the title suggests, I have a hard time trying to do such questions without wasting a minute or so. How do I tackle these easily?

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