Stoichiometry equation

Write a complete balanced reaction for this experiment: (1) NaHCO3 + CH3COOH → H2CO3+ NaCH3COO(2) H2CO3 (aq) → H2O(l)+ CO2 (g) combine both equation for molecular reaction a) In molecular form... more

Consider These Reactions

Consider these reactions, where M represents a generic metal. 2M(s)+6HCl(aq)⟶2MCl3(aq)+3H2(g)Δ𝐻1=−626.0 kJ HCl(g)⟶HCl(aq) Δ𝐻2=−74.8 kJ H2(g)+Cl2(g)⟶2HCl(g) Δ𝐻3=−1845.0 kJ MCl3(s)⟶MCl3(aq) ... more

What is the pH of 1000. mL of a 0.0033 M solution of phenol (C6H5OH)?

Note: conjugate base, NaC6H5O  has a Kb = 9.43 x 10-5 .

Suppose an oven’s radiation wavelength is 0.125 m. A container with 300.00 g of water was placed in the oven, and the temperature of the water rose from 20.0°C to 80.0°C.

How many photons of this microwave radiation were required to heat the water? (Assume that all the energy from the radiation was used to raise the temperature of the water.)

Ibuprofen (C13H18O2) is an analgesic (painkiller). What is the molar mass of ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen (C13H18O2) is an analgesic (painkiller). What is the molar mass of ibuprofen? 

How many moles of each type of atom are in one mol of C6H12O6?

How many moles of each type of atom are in one mol of C6H12O6? a. 1 mole of C atoms, 12 moles of H atoms, and 1 mole of O atoms b. 6 mole of C atoms, 12 moles of H atoms, and 1 mole of O... more

please help wth this chemistry question

Describe the preparation of 250 ml of ca. 0.1 M Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2×6H2O solution in 5 % v/v H2SO4.                                              [Molar mass, Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2×6H2O = 392.14 g mol-1]Prepare... more

Identify the products formed in this Brønsted-Lowry reaction. HCO−3+HNO2↽−−⇀acid+base

I believe that HNO2 is an acid and HCO−3 is a base, but then I do not know how to move on. I would really appreciate some help. Thank you.

Which of the following statements is true?

A. Activation energy is the energy necessary to start a chemical reaction.B. The gaseous state has the highest amount of entropy associated with it.C. Enthalpy of formation is the change in... more

Which of the following has a △Hf of zero?

_______ has a ΔHf of zero.A. Br-B. Na+C. H2OD. CO2E. O2For this I got E. O2 Would this happen to be correct?

Answer the following nomenclature questions

a. Formula for radium bromide b. Name the compound S2O5c. Formula for hypofluorous acid d. Name the compound PbO2e. Name the compound PbOf. Name the compound H3Asg. Name the compound Cu2SO4 .... more

I’m not quite sure how to do this problem

A gas absorbs 62 KJ of heat and does 94 KJ of work. Calculate (triangle symbol) E in kJ

How do I Solve this

Calculate the work (in liter-atmosphere) for the expansion of CO2 from 1.2 to 2.5 liters against a pressure of 1.2 ATM

How do you solve this

What is the oxidation state of nitrogen in nitrate (NO3- )

I’m not too sure how to solve this

Question 23:calculate the root mean square velocity (m/s) of the CH4 molecules in a sample of CH4 gas at 546K.

How do I Solve this

Question 18:If 0.750 mole of nitrogen gas occupies a volume of 23.1 L at zero Celsius, what volume will 3.50 mole of nitrogen gas occupy at the same temperature and pressure?

Can someone please check if my answers to these problems are correct?

Which of the following statements is correct?A. The solid state has the least amount of entropy associated with it.B. The gaseous state has the least amount of entropy associated with it.C. The... more

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