Statistics Questions

A publisher reports that 33% of their readers own a laptop. A marketing executive wants to test the claim that the percentage is actually different from the reported percentage. A random sample... more


need help with statistics hw

What percentage of people has an IQ score less than 40 or greater than 160?


binomial distribution

Find the probability of at least one failure in five trials of a binomial experiment in which the probability of success is 30%. Round to the nearest tenth of a percent. I CANT CALCULATE THE RIGHT... more


Kate has two​ part-time jobs.

Kate has two part-time jobs. Her job in a diner pays $5.08 per hour and her work in a pet store pays $ 7.99 per hour. She earns $158 in a given week. Write an equation that models this situatio

2. Assume that the amount of water

2. Assume that the amount of water that Mario uses for irrigation at his vineyard is inversely proportional to the amount of rainfall. If he uses 50,000 gallons during a month in which there is 2... more


algebra 2 help asap

The members of the Drama Club sold their old costumes in a booth at the school craft fair. Their profit was the difference between the amount of money they made selling the costumes and the cost of... more


algebra 2 help asap

Craig works at an appliance store. He earns a fixed salary of $1,000 every 2 weeks. He also earns a $50 commission on each appliance he sells. Craig's earnings in dollars, y,can be represented as a... more


How far should the truck be able to travel on 100 liters?

A truck travels 245 kilometers on 35 liters of gasoline

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