I need help on Word problem

An order of three sodas and two hot dogs totaled $6.45, while the next order – five hot dogs and two sodas – was a $7.93 total.How much for one hot dog and one soda?


Down below is the question... Can you please show work and answer thanks!

A sample of gas at 45 degrees celsius and 1.82 atm occupies a volume of 2.29 L. What volume would this gas occupy at 193 degrees celsius and 0.817 atm? 


At the school store, Juanita bought 2 books and a backpack for a total of $26 before tax. Each book cost $8 less than the backpack.

Find the price of each book and the price of the backpack


Please help me do this and thank you



Gas law question

An oxide of nitrogen was found by elemental analysis to contain 25.9% nitrogen. If 54g of this gas were found to occupy 11.2L at 273.15K and 1.00atm, what are the empirical and molecular formulas... more


If I have a total sales figure of 6645.16 (which includes sales tax) and I want to figure out what my sales is prior to sales tax, (the sales tax rate is 7%)

how do I figure that amount?  I thought I would take 93% of the total sales of 6645.16 and come up with the net sales (prior to sales tax) but it doesn't work that way.  Because I come up with... more


-5/6 +(-5/18)=?

sturggling with fractions

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