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Math Conversions


math per minute

if a collect call is .19 cents a minute and i inserted $5 how many minutes will that give me?
Math Conversions


what is 2 km 303 m - 556 m

what is 2 km 303 m - 556 m 
Math Conversions


How to set up an equation to convert gallons per minute to seconds a quart

 we need to use a quart cup to measure flow rate
Math Conversions


the janitor found that it was leaking at a rate of 4 fl oz per minute. how fast was the pipe leaking in gallons per hour?

this is a question of math conversions and i need help


How much sand is in the pile?

A construction company wants to know how much sand is in a cone-shaped pile. The company measures that the (slanted) distance from the edge of the pile at the ground level to the very top of the... more
Math Conversions


If 815$ = 1 ounce. How many ounces are in 0.75$? Show work please

It's a problem for one of my tests. I'm young so please don't judge :(
Math Conversions


How many feet are in 445 centimeters

    Feet in 445 Centimeters

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