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asked • 01/27/15

Is the unit of measurement that is smaller say Cups more precise than Pints no matter what the numbers associated with each are?

Would 12 cups be a more precise measurement than 8 pints?
And if yes, is it because cups are a smaller unit of measurement than pints?  So the numbers associated (the 12 cups and the 8 pints) are irrelevant?  I just look at the type of measurement, cups, pints, quarts, etc...?
What if it was 12 cups and 8.4 pints?   
Then would the 12 cups still be more precise? Or would the 8.4 pints be more precise because of the decimal?  Despite the fact pints are larger than cups.
Thank you!

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Mitiku D. answered • 01/27/15

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