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Unit Rates Math Fractions Ratios


Given that 16 watermelons cost $48, which of these are equivalent ratios of number of watermelons to cost in dollars? Select all the correct answers. 3:9 16:48 48:16 1:3 3:1

3:9 16:48 48:16 1:3 3:1 Which of these are matching? (TIP) There is more than one answer!
Unit Rates Math Word Problems


Cindy baked 34 cookies with 2 scoops of flour. How many scoops of flour are needed in order for Cindy to bake 85 cookies? This is a unit rate problem.

This problem is a word problem that understanding of unit rates are needed to solve. I need help understanding them fast, as I'm out of school ( recovering from surgery) and have not been taught.
Unit Rates Elementary Math


Sara did 5 laps in 6 minutes. How many laps did she do per minute?

Unit Rates Fractions


if 3 pens are $1.29 how much would 1 pen be?

in fraction form (unit rates)
Unit Rates Prealgebra


Kenny reads 5/8 pages in 2/3 minutes. How many pages did he read per minute?

Hey! I need help with some math homework, If you get to my question I just wanted to say thank you for helping me!
Unit Rates


How do i solve this problem?

The grocery store sells 3 packages of biscuits for $1.35. At this rate, how much will 8 packages of biscuits cost?
Unit Rates


If somebody earns $78 in 2 hour whats their hourly pay rate, hours per dollar?

Unit Rates


5 gallons of gas costs 16.25. What is the cost per gallon?

Unit Rates Word Problems


danielle wants to paint her daughters room pink. she has been told two different plans :

plan A : use 5 parts white and 2 parts red  plan B : use 4 parts white and 1 part red .   which plan will give her paint that is the least red ? 

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