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Science Fiction Writing Novel Research


Researching Future Technology for a Science Fiction Novel?

Because I enjoy reading Science Fiction, I'm thinking of writing a Sci-Fi novel myself. I'm interested in 'hard' (related to the engineering sciences) science fiction with a military bent (think... more
Science Fiction Writing Ending


What are key features and pacing in a satisfying ending to a science fiction novel?

My novel has been through multiple drafts and beta reads, and by and large is in good shape. I've learned how to cure a saggy middle, how to stay in point-of-view, how to keep the protagonist... more
Science Fiction Writing Exposition Fiction


How to show that something is different than in real life?

I'm writing fiction set in the near future (~15-20 years). The world is still mostly the same and thus familiar to the reader, but an important part of the story is that a few things are radically... more
Science Fiction Vocabulary Writing Word Choice


How to expand my vocabulary?

I wanted to write something for a long time. But what I think is, in writing the choice of words plays a very significant role. From where I can learn this thing? I think I don't have enough... more
Science Fiction Writing World Building


When do I explain my created world scenario in a prologue vs. letting it unfold in the story?

Let's say I'm creating a unique world for my book. New planet, maybe new species, complex society with complex rules, history, government, and so on. Some of these details are absolutely necessary... more
Science Fiction Writing Proofreading Editing


Rewriting a scifi story to fit with actual science, should I do it as I go?

Rewriting a scifi story to fit with actual science, should I do it as I go, or just write first and make the needed changes while editing?My world exists in my mind, clear and palpable. but I am... more


How would Doc contact Marty if one of his ancestors were to die?

I’m doing a personal project where I’m writing a script for a Back to the Future IV. Basically, William McFly dies, and Doc goes to 1986 to retrieve Marty and take him back in time. I made Marty be... more
Science Fiction


Hurricane Katrina and hurricane Rita are different in what way

It's for science 
Science Fiction Reading Literature Novel


Is Ender's Game worth reading?

If so, why? What's all the hype about? 

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