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Help please I don’t know what to do

Write an equation for a rational function with: vertical asymptotes at x=2 and x=3 x-intercepts at x=-3 and x=4 y-intercept at 9
Rational Function Algebra 2


Write a function f in simplest form that represents the ratio of the surface area of the volume

The height of the right cylinder is 2r, where r is the radius
Rational Function Math Algebra 2 Algebra


HELP ASAP!!!! PLEASE! Solving Rational Equations!!!

We're solving rational equations and we get extra credit if we have this problem answered by tomorrow!   x+5/x^2-6x-27+x-17/x^2-18x+77=x+1/x^2-14x+33   Please include all of your work!    My... more
Rational Function Algebra Math Help For College


Equation for a rational function

Find an equation for the rational function which has a zero at x=6, a hole at x=5, and asymptotes at x=2 and y=3? Thank you!
Rational Function


8/x-9 interval notation

determine the domain of the rational function. answer using interval notation  
Rational Function


Express the total time required to complete the 70 mile trip as a function of the rate x of the bike.

Josh rode his bike 17 miles from his home to Columbus, and then traveled 53 miles by car from Columbus to Dayton. Assume that the average rate of the car was 43 mph faster than the average rate of... more
Rational Function


what does this question mean when it ask me to find the magnitude???

Using f(x)=5+(2)/(2x-6) Determine the value of the function f as the magnitude of x increases.   Is f(x) greater than or less than this functional value when x is positive and larger in... more

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