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Calculus graphs Double Prime, PLEASE HELP ASAP!

Below is the graph of f '(x), the derivative of f(x), and has x-intercepts at x = -3, x = 1 and x = 2. There are horizontal tangents at x = -1.5 and x = 1.5. Which of the following statements is... more


Given the function, find f^prime(x)

given the function  f(x) = 2x^4-3x^2+5x-2, find f^prime(x).   (i wasn’t sure how to type the prime symbol)


Prime factorization

brenot knows that the 6-digit number he uses to open his computer is the prime factorization of 5005. If each digit of the code increases from left to right, what is his code?


Suppose n,a,b belong to N. If the gcd of (n,a)=1 and the gcd(n,b)=1, prove the gcd of (n,ab)=1

I would really appreciate any help you can give me. I'm struggling a lot with this problem. Thank you!!


Weird prime numbers question

The sum of 2 postive prime numbers is a prime number and 3 times that sum is an odd number. Which of the following prime numbers must be one of the original prime... more


calculate f prime

Given that f(x)=x6h(x) h(-1)=4 h prime(-1)=7 Calculate f’(-1)


calculate f prime

Given that  f(x)=x6h(x) h(-1)=4 h′(-1)=7   calculate f′(-1)

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