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calculus question

For what exact value(s) of k, would the following two planes make an angle of 60°?plane 1: x+y+kz=6 and plane 2: 2x-y-2z=-5


calculus question

Verify that it’s possible for a line with direction vector  d=(2,1,-2) to lie flat on a plane with equation: : (x,y,z)=(4,-2,5)+s(2,-1,0)+t(6,-2,-1)


How do you convert a shifted parametric circle equation to rectangular form?

x=-2cos((1/2)t-(π/2))+23y=2sin((1/2)t-(π/2))+6specifically, how do you separate the stuff inside the cos/sin parenthesis to eliminate a parameter? I find all kinds of solved simple circle... more

Cartesian Unit Vector to Polar Unit Vector

I'm having trouble understanding the following equation conceptually.  Where....R= Polar unit vectorI, J= Cartesian unit vectors   R=cos(Θ)I+sin(Θ)J   Please explain how this equation can be... more
Cartesian Parametric


Is there a formula that can convert a parametric equation into a Cartesian equation? If there was one, what would be it's implications?

Is there a formula that, upon entering a parametric equation, can output the Cartesian solution to that parametric equation? I ask because some parametric equations are impossible to convert using... more

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