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Why does Shakespeare's Julius Caesar switch to Latin for the "Et tu, Brute" line?

Like all of Shakespeare's plays, his *Julius Caesar* is of course written and performed almost entirely in English. But there is one line of this particular play - perhaps the most famous - which... more


Did Shakespeare consider Julius Caesar a tyrant or a martyr?

I've seen the Shakespeare play *Julius Caesar* interpreted in two different ways (by people with different social and political views, naturally): - **either** Caesar as a power-mad tyrant who got... more
Julius Caesar English


Explain why Mark Antony refers to Brutus and the other conspirators as “honorable” men?

Julius Caesar. Write a few sentences
Julius Caesar


Who is julius Caesar

I want to know who Julius Caesar is,Do you know...will you help me
Julius Caesar


lucius is a conspirator

i need to know if lucius is a conspirator or not 
Julius Caesar English Literature Film


what is the basic argument of julius caesar? (movie)

this is the full question:   What is the basic argument of the plot? What themes (an abstraction/generalization about life, humanity, and human interactions) underlie the plot? What does the film... more
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Literature Help

How does cassius try to get brutus involved in the conspiracy?     a.  he bribes brutus b.  cassius says that he will make brutus the new dictator after caesar is dead c.  he threatens brutus'... more
Julius Caesar


Help with Julius Caesar understanding

  In julius casear why are brutus and cassius so concerned about  his popularity and ambition of caesar?   a.  they would rather be the dcatators of rome themselves b.  they fear that caesar... more
Julius Caesar


What were some things Julius Caesar liked to do as a boy

I need help with this for homework.

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