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Investment Rates Algebra Word Problem


Investment task algebra

Jake invested some money on three different accounts, If he invested $7500 in an account with an annual return of 8% and $4000 in an account earning 8.9%, how much money, to the nearest dollar, did... more
Investment Rates Algebra Word Problem


Joe invested $12,000 in certificates of deposit paying 4% and 6% so that his total return for the investments will be $680. How much does he invest at each rate

I don't understand how to go about solving this equation. I know that $12,000x.06=$720 and $12,000x.04=$480
Investment Rates Investment Interests


P invested $10,500, a portion earning a simple interest rate of 8.5% a year, and the rest is a rate of 8% per year. After 1 year, the total was 882.50.

we are trying to figure out how much money she invested at each rate?


Algebra help, Income earned on an IRA investment

I need some help on setting up this problem, and how to find the formula to get the correct answer..Here it is: A retiree needs a yearly income of $10,200 from his $150,000 IRA to help fund his... more
Investment Rates


What should the interest rate be is Michele's initial investment were to double in value in 10 years?

Michele invested 1500 dollars at an annual rate of interest of 5.25 percent, compounded annually. 
Investment Rates



Two investments totaling $56,500 produce an annual income of $1835.  One investment yields 4% per year, while the other yields 3% per year.  How much is invested at each rate?
Investment Rates


How much was invested at each rate?

You invested $4000 between two accounts paying 5% and 7% annual interest, respectively. If the total interest earned for he year was $260, how much was invested at each 
Investment Rates Geometry Math Help Interest Rates



An initial investment of $205.50 is worth $413.75 after 11 years of continuous compounding.  Find the interest rate.
Investment Rates


financial investment

The annual risk-free rate of return is 2 percent and the investors believes that the market will rise annually at 7 percent. If a stock has a beta coefficient of 1.5 and its current dividend is $1,... more
Investment Rates Word Problem


If I invested $1,000,000 some of it at 3.5% and some at 4.5% and the interest return was $39,000. How much did I invest at each rate?

.08x+.09y = 39,000 X+Y = 1,000,000 X=? Y=?

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