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When did the Pakistan army used tank for the first time during the 1971 Bangladesh war?

I believe it's the T-34, but a friend of mine argued that it was the Tiger. It all depends on which period of WW2 you look at, but overall, which was the best ?


Why didn't Pakistan try to wrest Kashmir from India in 1962 but tried to do so in 1965?

In 1962, India and China fought a war in a region east of Bhutan where the two countries shared a border. Am I right? And, in that war, the Indian army was totally outclassed by the Chinese,... more


What prevented the Indian Army to wrest Kashmir from Pakistan despite the UN Security Council's resolutions of 1948-49?

In August 1947, when the British partitioned their Indian colony into two countries of India and Pakistan, the state of Kashmir was being ruled by a Hari Singh one of whose ancestor, named Gulab... more


Why didn't the Pakistani military try to gain Kashmir from India in 1971 instead of launching an offensive in Rajesthan?

In the 1971 India-Pakistan war, while the Indian Army with the help of the Bengali guerillas were making inroads into East Pakistan, the Pakistan Army launched an offensive through the Rajesthan... more


What impact do monsoon winds most have on South Asia?

A) Monsoon winds carry plenty of rain to India from the Arabian Sea during the wet season from June to September.   B) Monsoon winds carry snow from the north to the Himalayas.   C) Monsoon... more

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