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Adipic acid, H2C6H8O4, used to produce nylon, is made commercially by reaction of Cyclohexane (C6H12) and oxygen gas (O2).

a. write the balanced chemical equation for the given reaction above.b. is the reaction exothermic or endothermic? Explain.c. how many grams of Adipic acid will be formed if 25.0g cyclohexane... more
Chemical Reaction Chemistry Moles Equilibrium


How do I work out the molarity and equilibrium constant using moles of reactants?

The equation is C2H5OH(aq) + CH3CO2H(aq) ? CH3CO2C2H5(aq) + H2O(l)   Moles of ethanol: 0.0747 Moles of ethanoic acid: 0.0112   amount of ethanol used in experiment: 4cm3 amount of ethanoic... more


What does a double-headed arrow mean in a chemical equation?? PLEASE HELP!!! I AM LOST?

I am doing a lab where the chemical reaction is Fe^+3 (aq) + NCS^-1 (aq)<---      FeNCS^+2 (aq)                                                                                                  ... more


How do you balance the chemical equation ___FeCL3+___Na)H=>___Fe(OH)3+_____NaCL

How do i do this? What numbers do i put, how do i know what to put?


What type of chemical reaction is Mg + H2SO4-->MgSO4 + H2?

What type of chemical reaction is Mg + H2SO4-->MgSO4 + H2?
Chemical Reaction Chemistry


Can you explain me how to solve this........

15.1 g aluminium block is warmed to 53.2 °C and plunged into an insulated beaker containing 32.6 g of water initially at 24.4 °C. The aluminium and water are slowed to come to thermal equilibrium.... more
Chemical Reaction


questions about chemical reaction

I need to find the chemical formula for the reactant which gives up a hydrogen ion in this reaction.            CaO + H2O        →    Ca2+   +  2OH-   I also need to find the chemical formula... more

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