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What is the difference between equity and assets?

I am (going to be) using GNU Cash, which uses the double-entry method; I use it for personal finance. Reading various tutorials for GNU cash, it lists 5 types of accounts: income, expense, assets,... more

Fiance mathematics question

An asset is known to appreciate in value by 21% (simple interest) per year. It was purchased on May 1, 2012. If it was worth $90 000 at the end of 2012, how much was it worth when it was... more
Assets Balance Sheet


Accounting Question for a Balance Sheet

I'm doing current assets on a balance sheet. It wants the assets in order of liquidity. I know cash is #1 but what order does it come in after that? Here are my options: #1: Cash Accounts... more
Assets Liabilities


Don't understand this question? help!

a) When net worth increases from one year to the next, what is happening between the assets and liabilities (or, what does the change imply)?b) When net worth decreases from one year to the next,... more

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