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Actuarial Science Finance


SOA Exam P Question: Exponential Distribution?

> Suppose you can borrow money at an annual interest rate of $8 \\%$ but can save money at an annual interest rate of only $5\\%$. If you start with zero capital and if the yearly cash flows of... more
Actuarial Science Finance


Annuity problem, calculating the accumulated value.?

There was an interesting problem that I would like to have some input from people who knows a bit of finance.The following is the situation.>Smith loans $\\$10,000$ for $i=5\\%$ for $10$ years. ... more


describing, evaluating and managing risk

There is a 1 percent that you will have healthcare bills of $100,000, a 19 percent chance that you will have a healthcare bill of $10,000, a 60 percent chance that you will have healthcare bills of... more
Actuarial Science Insurance Premiums


Life insurance policy questions.

Gomez purchased a life insurance policy.  When he was 25 years old, he chose a $200,000, 10-year term policy at a price of $1.00 per $1.000, which at the age of 35 increased to $1.25 per $1.000. ... more


Calculate the expected amount paid

The owner of a grocery shop buys a policy to insure its revenue in the event of catastrophes (e.g. earthquakes, snowstorms etc.) that shut down the business.  The policy pays nothing for the first... more
Actuarial Science Math Math Help Math Question


How to solve this equation?

https://gyazo.com/63d7e0ebf578afd27c4390f8a894c797   Above is a screenshot of the equation. Ignore the first line if you aren't familiar with finance.    How do you go from the 3rd line of the... more
Actuarial Science Compound Interest Mortgage Payments


Mortgages pb help pleaaase

A home selling for $620,000 is to be purchased with a 30% down payment and the remainder financed through mortgage with monthly payments over 25 years. Determine the monthly payment if rates for... more


Math of Investment PB

Determine the accumulated value of monthly deposits of $770 each after 10 years if the deposits earn 9.9%/year compounded quarterly. Assume that the deposits are made at the end of each month and... more

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