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health insurance

Bob’s employer covers 23% of his family’s annual health insurance premium. The balance of the premium is deducted in equal amounts from Bob’s paycheck 26 times over the calendar year. If $185.30 is... more

Calculate the expected amount paid

The owner of a grocery shop buys a policy to insure its revenue in the event of catastrophes (e.g. earthquakes, snowstorms etc.) that shut down the business.  The policy pays nothing for the first... more


Driver Blake, a low-risk driver, is insured by a company that gives a 5% discount for the first year, 10% the second yea

Driver Blake, a low-risk driver, is insured by a company that gives a 5% discount for the first year, 10% the second year, 15% the third year, and 20% every year thereafter. Blake has qualified as... more


Insurance maths problem

an insurance company claims department reported that 45% of the claims they dealt with over the last month related to motor policie, and 30% of those involved drivers under 25 years of age. The... more


How does a person decide whether to purchase term insurance or cash value insurance?

answer questio IN complete sentence.
Insurance Quantitative Math


Suppose a company charges an annual premium of $140 for an insurance policy for minor injuries.

Actuarial studies show that in case of an injury claim, the company will pay out an average of $900 for outpatient care and an average of $3000 for an overnight stay in the hospital. They also... more


Insurance rates

 If the rate for $2,000 is 0.843, what is the rate for $1,000? Or if $5,000 costs 0.560 how much does $1,000 cost?


A patient’s total surgery charges are $1,278.

calculating insurance math ...A patient’s total surgery charges are $1,278. The patient must pay the annual deductible of $1,000, and the policy states a 80-20 coinsurance. What does the patient owe?


What type of life insurance incorporates flexible premiums and an adjustable death benefit?

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