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Correct Notes for C## in Harmonic Minor Scale?

Is the following scale correct for C## Harmonic Minor? C##, D##, E#, F##, G##, A#, B# I read on a good music theory page and they had B## as 7th note in the key, so I was wondering, but I'm... more
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Sharp 5 or flat 13? Sharp 9 or flat 10?

Let's say I'm in C major. I have a dominant altered chord built on G. This very popular voicing has the following tones (I'm including both enharmonic spellings for the accidentals): G B (D# or... more


What purpose do accidentals serve in music?

I'm having trouble writing music containing accidentals.If the diatonic scale contains 7 related notes, what purpose do accidentals serve? If the accidental notes are not related to the overall... more


Collective word for sharps and flats in the key signature?

On a mailing list I'm subscribed to, someone recently asked what the collective name was in English for the sharps and flats you find in the key signature. Apparently, the closest translation from... more

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