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is milk good in tea

i want to know

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4 Answers

Milk can be a very delightful when added to tea in small amounts.  If a person adds too much, then the flavor of the tea itself becomes too diluted.  If I could measure in sounds, I would advise you to try adding a "splorp" of milk or half-and-half, a about a tsp.-Tbsp. of honey to any black tea, or, my favorite, any rooibus red tea.  I have not found too many herbal teas or white ones to be very tasty with milk, and I feel as though adding milk to green tea rather conflicts in flavors.

After spending several months each in both Scotland and Ireland, I can definitively say that milk is delicious in tea! I add milk or half and half, plus some stevia or Splenda to mine. My favorite is PG Tips brand, but any black tea will work. Milk is also good in Earl Grey tea. 

Milk is very good in tea, but it depends on which kind you use.  For instance, if you add almond milk, or vanilla almond milk, to tea it can sweeten the tea.  However, adding too much milk can indeed dilute the flavor.  It's better to add a small amount first and then taste the tea and continue this process until you've reached your desired flavor!

Have you ever had Milk Tea Boba?

Or english tea XD.

Its quite good. I recommend making the tea really strong because the milk WILL dilute the flavor. 

And sweeten to taste.