Asked • 06/19/19

How can I simplify this set of if statements? (Or, what's making it feel so awkward?)?

My colleague showed me this piece of code, and we both wondered why we couldn't seem to remove duplicated code. private List<Foo> parseResponse(Response<ByteString> response) { if (response.status().code() != Status.OK.code() || !response.payload().isPresent()) { if (response.status().code() != Status.NOT_FOUND.code() || !response.payload().isPresent()) { LOG.error("Cannot fetch recently played, got status code {}", response.status()); } return Lists.newArrayList(); } // ... // ... // ... return someOtherList; } Here's an alternate representation, to make it a little less wordy: private void f() { if (S != 200 || !P) { if (S != 404 || !P) { Log(); } return; } // ... // ... // ... return; } Is there a simpler way to write this, without duplicating the `!P`? If not, is there some unique property about the situation or conditions that makes it impossible to factor out the `!P`?

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