Asked • 03/16/19

What exactly should I have to learn to understand why certain combination of chords are harmonic when played in a sequence?

I'm pretty sure that there's a lot of theory in finding combinations that are melodical/harmonical. There must be a way to say that 3 different chords are likely to form music. That given 2 chords, the third must be X and so forth. The question is: What do I have to learn? I'm pretty sure it has something to do with harmony, but I'd really be happy to know what exactly in harmony would answer my questions.

Kevin J.

Try googling popular chord progressions. There is lots of great material out there such as YouTube that will demonstrate the most popular ones. The basis of music theory teaches students simple progressions such as I-IV-V-I. This makes it applicable to any key. Just like an algebraic expression, I can ask, what is 'X' when given the progression I-IV-X-I? This becomes a foundation as eventually, you may find another progression that extends the above expression such as I-vi-IV-V-I. This is assuming that the musician understands the implications of the symbols used above and their relationship to scales and keys.


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Tegan S. answered • 03/26/19

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