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what is y=x-3

what is answer to y=x-3

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Is this a slope or a coordinate graph plotting...for every value for x there is a y-value, associated with the equation y = x - 3 Imagine or draw a table... if x = 0 then: y = 0 - 3 and y = -3. Do you understand? What has to be identified is is this a slope coordinate problem or a simple solve for the unknown. Thanks J

Hi Deborah,


If this is a question of slope then remembering the formula can help.

y = mx + b

Where "m" is the slope of the line, and "b" is the y-intercept (where the line crosses the y-axis).

So your problem is: y = x - 3.

If there is no coefficient on x then the slope is 1. (for every move to the right (x) you move up one (y)).

The - 3 indicates that this line will go through the y-axis at (0,-3).

Some other points on this line would be (-3,-6); (-6,-9); and (3,0).