Gennesaret T.

asked • 09/19/14

what is the purpose of learning your native language in school education?

i mean we already talk in our native language daily and in a pretty understandable way. Why we still need to learn it? what skills do we develop by learning it and what is the ultimate goal of native language learning in school

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Laura S. answered • 03/02/15

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Ira S. answered • 09/19/14

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Gennesaret T.

Thnks for the really good answer. It gives me a really a new thing to interpret language Education and why it is important. also it gives me a new purpose and goal in learning.



Ira S.

I'm glad you found this helpful. In school, English is a part of a larger group called the humanities. It includes History, psychology, sociology, anthropology....the study of humans and their thinking. Why do we all think differently? Can't we all just get along....seriously? I' very motivated and confident and take care of business expeditiously while my renter and his children (one of who is the drug addict who doesn't have the ability to help himself) can't get out of their own way. When I was a freshman in College, I hated psychology 101. Now, I' m almosted fascinated by why humans are so self destructive.
    I'm really glad that you were able to find this useful.


Phillip R. answered • 09/19/14

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Gennesaret T.

Im referring to the native language education overall. In all country, german language in germany education, english in us and uk education, france in france education system. Im more interested on what kind of skill is actually being developed here cause in some countries students have developed their language skill to an okay level at say junior high school. What is the essence of continuing this language education to senior high school? is there any character benefits that someone can get? or is it just pure linguistic skill


Denis N.

sorry for this question please i need  some points for more verification please! how does the student language affect his/her learning in education progress   


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