Cassie K.

asked • 05/10/18

I need help understanding special cases in matrices

I need to solve this system of equations using a matrix: x+2y-z=2 , -2x+y-3z=6 , -x+3y-4z=8
I wound up with my matrix looking like this before I converted it back into equations again:
       1  2  -1   |   2
       0  5  -5   |   10
       0  0   0   |   0
I was a little confused why the answer in the back of the book said that y is equal to all real numbers. Should it not be z equal to all real numbers?

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Andy C. answered • 05/11/18

4.9 (27)

Math/Physics Tutor

Cassie K.

It makes so much more sense now!
For some reason, my brain wasn't even thinking that there is more than one possible answer.
Thank you so much!


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