Mark N.

asked • 09/25/17

I can't seem to come up with an equation.

This problem seems a lot simpler than I think it is. It seems to have an element of both a geometric sequence (by the constant increase of 5%) and also arithmetic (with the inclusion of the $2 fee every month). I keep getting close to the actual answer (which is $78.20) but off by about a few dollars.
Charles lost two rented movies, so he owes the rental store a fee of $40. At the end of each month, the amount that Charles owes will increase by 5%, plus a $2 billing fee. Define a recursive and explicit function. How much money will Charles owe the rental store after 8 months?

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Kenneth S. answered • 09/26/17

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Mark N.

Thank you. I edited the recursion to be for the current an, so an = an-1(1.05)+2
The problem is getting the explicit formula, which is what I've been more stuck on since I have no idea where to insert an n since it depends on the value before it.


Kris V. answered • 09/26/17

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