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help with gravitational force

1.  what happens to the gravitational force between two objects if the distance between them is increased 4 times?
a.  increased 4 times
b.  increased 16 times
c.  reduced 4 times
d.  reduced 16 times
I know it has to be decreased so I think the answer is c ???
2.  assuming the distance between the objects were the same, which set of objects would have the greatest gravitational attraction?
a.  object A with a mass of 3 kilograms and object B with a mass of 2 kilograms
b.  object A with a mass of 3 kilograms and object b with a mass of 3 kilograms
c.  object A with a mass of 2 kilograms and object b with a mass of 2 kilograms
d.  all sets would have equal gravitational  attraction
I think D is the answer
Happy 4th!


If you increase the distance by 4 times, the force decreases by 1/42 = 1/16.

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C is the answer to the first question because gravitational force is inversely proportional to the square of thedistance between oblects. 
B is the answer for the second question because the gravitational for is directly proportional to the product of the objects' masses 


Correction: D is the correct answer for the first question.