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The Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775 showed

a)whether the Americans would win the war.
b)who the leader of the Continental army was.
c)how Americans would fight against the British.
d)how Americans would get supplies for the war.


If by (C) you mean to fight a basically defensive war, then that would be the correct answer.

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Chris B. | American History, European History, GeographyAmerican History, European History, Geog...
The Battle of Bunker Hill showed that the Americans were beginning to act together as one and fight the might of the all mighty British Empire.  But is also showed the Americans the manpower that Britain possessed, even though the Americans inflicted over 1,000 casualties on the British to their 450, it showed that the Americans would indeed have to fight a defensive war and only risk their armies in the most favorable of circumstances. The famous saying is that George Washington "did not have to win the war, he just had to not lose it".