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A hot dog has about 15g of fat. Do 10 hot dogs have more or less than 1kg of fat?

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Hey Erick,

The key here is understanding the metric system. 

1 kilogram = 1000 grams  - kilo is the pre-fix for 1000.  (A kilo-meter is 1000 meters)

So, if 1 hotdog is 15g  then we can multiply to say that 10 hotdogs is 150g (15g x 10 = ?)(? = 150g)

Now we see that 150g is less than 1000g (which is 1kg), so the hotdogs have less than 1kg of fat.


With the raisins we use the same system. 1000g = 1kg

So if 1 box is 425g then 2 boxes is 850g  (450g x 2 = ?) (?= 850g).

Now we look to see if 850g is less than 1000g. It is, so the 2 boxes weigh less than 1kg.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your answer, you are the best. It is well understood as you explain it.