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how do you simplify exponents?

for example here are some of the questions I got and I have no idea how to simplify
1. 10-2
2. -3-2
3. 1
4. (-20)3
5. 2x2 X 3x
could you show me how to do these questions? xx

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1. 10-2 = (1/10^2) = 1/100=0.01

2. -3-2= (1/(3^2))=(1/9)
3. (1/(3-2) = 32 = 9
4. (-20)= -8000
5. 2x2 X 3x= 6X^3
 Exponents are subtracted if they are negative or are at the denominator and are added if they are multiplying.The sign will be negative if initially is negative and the power is odd. If the power is even the sign will be positive.


I believe -3^-2=-1/9 since you are taking the inverse of 3, squaring that, then taking the opposite of it. -3^-2 vs (-3)^-2
I took as if I am taking the inverse of (-3)and squared it, every negative number that is squared is positive so that is the reason why I got the answer. Thanks for checking the answers.