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help with percent of salary

1.  Suppose you are offered two jobs.  One pays $30,000 the first year with annual raises of $2,000 each year.
     The second offers a starting salary of $27,000 and raises of 8% each year.  during your tenth year, what
     would  your yearly salary be from
                     a)  the first job
                     b)  the second job
Please help with the formula and s how steps.
2.  How do I solve this problem.  Which pays more over a course of 10 days --$100 per day for 10 days or
            one dollar the firsrt day, $2.00 the second, $4.00 the third, $8.00 the fourth, etc. up to and including
             the 10th day? 

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1)  The first payment method is ($30,000) + ($2000)*y,  where y = years
The second payment method is ($27,000)*(1+0.08)y  where y is years (note it's to the y power)
Plug in the value of y you want and see which payment method is better.
2)  The first payment method is $100 * 10 days = ?
The second payment method is ∑$2d, where d=days.  So
$20+$21+$22+ ... +$210 = ?