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how do i understand algebra better?

i just dont get it.

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Try to stay encouraged and remember that there are a lot of resources to help.

1) Hire an awesome tutor

a tutor can help you pin point your strengths and weaknesses


2) Use supplemental resources

Sometimes a math textbook can be really confusing. It might help to see the topic from a different view point.

·                            try going to your local library and looking at books on algebraic and general math topics

·                            use Wyzant lessons or blogs about Algebra

·                            there are also a lot of websites to help



3) Review

Review basic arithmetic, problem solving, math terms

Most libraries have a child section that you can find early math problems

Reviewing those problems might help you becomd more confident in you math skills and might also help you identify fundamental problems

4) Ask Questions

Ask you teacher for help. Ask yourself questions too.

Try to figure out the reason why you are doing something


Simplify 8+2*5+3

Step one multiply 2*5


We multiplied two times five because of the order of operations.


5) Practice

Few things beat go old practice. Even if you make a mistake keep trying. Practicing will make algebra easier as you go along.
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Math & Science is my specialty! I make it simple and easy to understand. The trick with Algebra, is that a lot of the concepts, you've already been doing up to this point for years! You just didn't realize it.
Although I don't live near you, I'd be glad to work with you online! The next time you're frustrated and discouraged, I'd encourage you to work with me online. I'll show you step by step, as many times as it takes if needed. Math requires patience and sometimes repetition for most people. However, I'll make it as FUN and painless as I can. This is my best advice for you.