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How many games won?

A team played 62 games.  They won 32 more games than they lost.  How many games did they win?
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3 Answers

Hi Mary,
A team played 62 games.
Let the number of games they lost=x
They won 32 more games than they lost
Number of games they won =32+x
Number of games lost+number of games won=Total number of games
Number of games they lost=15
Number of games they won =32+x=32+15=47


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Total number of games played = 62
Let x = the unknown number of games won
From the problem, we know that the team won 32 more games than they lost.  The number of games they lost  = x - 32  They lost 32 fewer games than they won
Now we know that the number of games won + the number of games lost = 62
x + (x -32) = 62
2x - 32 = 62
Now solve for x, the number of games won.  Let me know what you get!


2x - 32 = 62
To find x:
  1. Add 32 to both sides
  2. Then divide both sides by 2
 It would be same if it was said that Peggy and Sally together spent 62 dollars on shopping mall , if Sally spent 32 dollars more how much each spent.
  The key to word problem is choose a variable , X , for the unknown what the problem is asking you to find out, and convert the word problem to algebraic statement in terms of the variable chosen and solve.
    X - amount of money Sally spent, or games lost
    X + 32 - amount of money peggy spent ,or game won.
     X + X + 32 = 62
       Solve for X.
      This is an example of math talks about relationship between 2 objects regardless of the nature of the objects.