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factor 2x^2+x-14

Please help me factor this problem

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Hello Mary,
If you are able to factor other problems in that section, have you checked the directions?  Sometimes they throw in problems that cannot be factored or simplified.  Also- did you write down the problem correctly?
The only way to start this problem is to have factors of 2x and x first:
(2x      )(x       )
Then the last 2 factors would be 2 and 7, or 7 and 2 (or even 14 and 1 or 1 and 14).  You would need one addition sign and then one subtraction sign because there is a subtraction sign in front of 14, so the signs will be different.  The only problem is that when you multiply out your 2 sets of parentheses, the answer needs to equal the original problem above, and I don't see any solution that works.  Think about it- you posted this problem 3 hours ago and there are a lot of Math tutors on here- if it could be factored, someone would have answered it by now!
Please post again if you typed the problem incorrectly or if you have other questions- GOOD LUCK! :)  Amy