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What is the definition of the soviet union reaction to treaty of versailles, road to involvement in WWII, and the soviet union communist revolution?

Brief summary for each please

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Hi Christina;
I do not have much information on this, except a shocking lecture my college political science professor gave.
At the time of the termination of World War I, the USSR, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics was not yet established.  Russia, the eventual leader of this Union, did exist.  While it was our ally during such First War, it did not join the League of Nations.  This League was the original version of the United Nations.
During World War II, the allies established the strategy of allowing the ally, USSR, to sustain as many casualties as possible.  I do not know the quantity of Russian war dead.  However, the death toll including the countries which became part of the USSR after World War II, such as Poland and Romania, was between 20 and 30 million.  This is between one-third and one-half of the total figure of 60 million World War II casualties.
The strategy was to encourage the Russians to participate in the United Nations.  As per the article we read in college, the strategy was characterized as "bleeding them white".