Ben B.

asked • 12/06/12

Summation Convergency tests by 3-condition test

For each of the following series, tell whether or not you can apply the 3-condition test (i.e. the alternating series test). If you can apply this test, enter D if the series diverges, or C if the series converges. If you can't apply this test (even if you know how the series behaves by some other test), enter N.
1. Σ ((-1)^n)/(n^5)
2. Σ (((-1)^n)((n^3)+1))/((n^4)+1)
3. Σ (((-1)^n)(cos n))/(n^2)
4. Σ (((-1)^n)((n^4)+2n))/((n^3)-1)
5. Σ (((-1)^n)((n^3)+1))/((n^3)+7)
6. Σ (((-1)^n)((n^10)+1))/(e^n)

(all are from n=1 to infinity)

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Robert B. answered • 12/06/12

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