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Factoring an expression

Factor he expression
A. (-6x+1)(36x^2+6x+1)
B. (-6x+1)^3
C. (-6x-1)(36x^2-6x+1)
D. prime polynomial
I know the problem is not a prime polynomial. I came up with -(6x-1)(36x^2+6x+1). This answer is not listed, What did I do wrong.

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Robert J. | Certified High School AP Calculus and Physics TeacherCertified High School AP Calculus and Ph...
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= 1 - (6x)^3
= (1-6x)(1+6x+36x^2)
= (-6x+1)(1+6x+36x^2)
So, the answer is A.
Anna Z. | MathematicsMathematics
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Right answer is