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What is 10b+c?

Please solve the problem 10b+c.
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3 Answers

Hi Adrianna,
10b+c is what is known as an algebraic expression. That means that your statement of value has at least one variable, and may have constants, coefficients, operations, other variables, etc.
From what you have given there is just not enough to find the value of 10b+c. At the very least, you would also need to know either:
  1. the value of the entire expression and then you could find a relationship between the values of b and c
  2. values for both b and c at which point you could "plug in" and evaluate.
I would be happy to help with this once you have provided enough additional information. Good luck.
Hi Adrianna;
Your request to "solve" is a reference to an equation.  An equation must have an = sign.
This (10b+c) is an expression.  It has no = sign and cannot be solved.
Can you be more specific? Such as 10b+c=?.  Is there another equation and we have to solve for b and c?