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How do i change decimals to a fraction?

How do i change decimals to a fraction?

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1 Answer

Let's say you have a decimal that is 0.x

You can multiply by 10 (to move the decimal to the far right) and then multiply the denominator by 10 as well.  Multiplying by (10/10) does not change the number because 10/10 = 1.

So now we have x/10 and you can reduce this if needed.

Example: 0.4.

0.4*10/10 = 4/10 = 2/5


Now what if we have 0.xy?

Since the decimal is 2 positions from the right, now we multiply by (100/100)

xy/100 is our fraction

So lets say we have 0.48...multiply by 100/100

48/100 = 24/50 = 12/25


Does this clear everything up for you?