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word problems and turning them into algebraic equation to slove

 The Tile company tiles rectangle areas. Ted lays the center tiles. Mary comes along and borders the area with gray tiles. ( For example, in a 1x3 area, Ted would lay the three center tiles and Mary would lay the 12 border tiles.)
Picture in this example a rectangle that is 3  square tiles by 5 square tiles in the border are gray , and  the 3 square tiles in the middle are white.
Suppose each tile is one square meter( unite area)
How many boarder tiles are needed for a 4x8 area( to be bordered)?
A 28X56 area ( to be bordered)?
A X x Y area ( to be bordered)?

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Use pattern to help you.
1x3 needs (1+2)(3+2)-1*3 = 12 boarder tiles
So, 4x8 needs (4+2)(8+2) - 4*8 = 28 boarder tiles.
In general,
XxY needs (X+2)(Y+2) - X*Y boarder tiles.


Nancy to answer your question to Robert J. the symbol * does mean to multiply. Using that symbol is very common to use when on the computer as to not confuse with the variable "x".
Of course that makes sense. Just wanted to make sure as everyone has their own way of writing out an equation.
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Another pattern would be 2*L+2*W+4(one for each of the four corners to complete the border).