Michael P.

asked • 04/30/16

Rational Function into Partial Fraction

HI Looking to make 72/36s+s^3 into partial fraction. 
Can find the value of A ok but can't seem to cancel out A value to find B. Expanding the denominator I got s(s^2+36), then when I come to cancel out A value a squared value + 36 will not =0.
Thanks for your help in advance.

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Arnold F. answered • 04/30/16

College Professor & Expert Tutor In Statistics and Calculus

John R.

I think that is a very laudable tactic, although that isn't usually what people want.


Philip P. answered • 04/30/16

Effective and Patient Math Tutor

John R.

What is the point of factoring s^2 +36 using complex numbers, especially if this is a Laplace Transform?


Kenneth S.

You don't wqnt to factor the irreducible quadratic factors in a denominator, using complex numbers!


John R. answered • 04/30/16

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Arnold F.

John, I was trying to engage Michael in solving his own question...


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