asked • 11/06/13

Out of 250 students who failed in an examination, it was revealed that 128 failed in mathematics,87 failed in physics and 134 failed in chemistry.31 failed in

maths and physics,54 failed in chemistry and mathematics,30 failed in chemistry and physics.find how many candidates failed in: [a]in all the three subjects.[b]in mathematics but not in physics.[c] in chemistry but not in mathematics.[d]in physics but not in chemistry or in mathematics.[e]in chemistry or in mathematics but not in physics.hint;user venn diagram

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Ryan S. answered • 11/06/13

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Mathematics and Statistics

Ryan S.

Thanks, John. The visual certainly makes the solution easier to follow. Just a note to Kennedy, when using John's diagram, be sure to interpret the MC, MP, and PC regions as MC and not P, MP and not C, and PC and not M. This is different than how it is presented in the problem. For example "54 failed chemistry and mathematics" does not put 54 in the MC region because it also includes the MPC region. In other words, in the problem "failed chemistry and mathematics" includes "failed chemistry, mathematics, and physics."


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