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whats the equation for (0,-1)(2,-5)(4,-9)

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2 Answers

You probably know that the standard slope-intercept form for a line is y = mx + b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept. From what you say in your question, you know that b = -1. This is very good, so we have y = mx - 1; now, what's m?

Slope is rise over run; from the second point you provided, we can draw a line between the first and second points ((0, -1) and (2, -5) respectively). We therefore get an m-value of (-5-(-1))/(2-0) or -4/2 or -2. The same answer will be obtained if you check the second and third points (which I won't go into any more detail here), so the line's equation is y = -2x + 1.


y = -2x + 1 is incorrect.

Yeah, it's wrong. Thanks for the reminder.

These three points are co-linear. Therefore, the equation can be found based on any two of the three points.

Picking the first two points,

slope = m = (-1+5)/(0-2) = -2

y-intercept = b = -1

y = mx+b

Answer: y = -2x-1